Team Leader Electrical & Automation

Use your knowledge and experience as a Team Leader within Elestor's team in Arnhem. Read the vacancy and apply! Imagine a world without polluting power plants, powered purely by clean electricity. This world is closer than you think. The sun and the wind are powerful enough, and so are the technologies to harvest their energy. However, possibilities to store renewable energy (sustainably and cost-effectively) are lacking; electricity storage is ‘'the missing link'' in the energy transition. It is Elestor's mission to cut the cost of electricity storage. We develop large-scale, cost-effective HBr storage technologies that are carbon neutral and durable, thereby unifying the interests of the Planet, the People, and business Profitability. We reduced the cost of storing electricity to an absolute minimum. Our batteries are made in accordance a simple strategy. We are using low cost and abundant active materials such as hydrogen and bromine. We use a compact cell. And we have a patented pressurized system design. We are located at Industrial Park Kleefse Waard in Arnhem. A hotspot when it comes to the energy transition and we contribute to accelerating it. We have the technology to play a decisive role in realizing a 100% clean electricity supply. If you want to contribute to the energy transition, Kleefse Waard is the perfect place!Job DescriptionAs Electrical & Automation Team Leader, you hold a key position (management team) in the growing Elestor organization. Your ultimate responsibility is to continuously develop Elestor's hydrogen bromide flow battery from an Electrical & Automation (E&A) point of view.The following responsibilities will fit into your job responsibilities:Leading the design, development, testing, commissioning, maintenance, and production of Elestor's flow HBr batteries from an E&A point of view;Developing electrical systems and infrastructure from pilot scale to multi-MW levels;Responsible for the company's electrical infrastructure;Manage and develop the Electrical & Automation team;Facilitate other stakeholders in achieving their objectives;Leadership in technology development activities;Meet safety, schedule, cost and functional program objectives;Effectively utilize outsourced design, build solid and long-term relationships with suppliers and subcontractors;Verify and maintain quality levels of deliverables, both internally and from external collaborators (suppliers and consultants);Manage and implement certification requirements for all electrical systems.Job RequirementsBSc or MSc degree in Electrical Engineering or relevant discipline;Eight years of industrial work experience within an R&D and Engineering environment;Power conversion, grid codes, control and monitoring systems, and software development;Demonstrable knowledge of electrical engineering, automation, and instrumentation;Proven track record in subcontracting (creating precise requirements and managing the communication chain effectively);International experience or experience working in a global company;Experience (and foremost affinity) with managing/coaching team members;Fluent in written and spoken English;An entrepreneurial mindset.Salary and BenefitsAn excellent salary based on age and experienceYou will have the opportunity to work at a company where sustainability and innovation are keyYou get an immediate contract with ElestorYou get a challenging and valuable job where you experience all the freedom you need!A workplace at an inspiring hotspot of innovative companies with great people!

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Bedrijfsnaam Werken op IPKW
Functie titel Team Leader Electrical & Automation
Adres Westervoortsedijk 73
Postcode 6827AV
Plaats Arnhem
Provincie Gelderland

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Plaatsingsdatum: 07-03-2023
Sluitingsdatum: 13-03-2023
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